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We deserve better than the failed priorities of the Texas Legislature. It's time to elect the honest, responsible, and accountable state senator that Senate District 2 deserves.


About Kendall

Kendall was born and raised in northeast Texas and attended quality public schools. He’s the son of a social worker, corrections officer, and healthcare technician who taught him values like service to others—their dedication to improving themselves and their community lit a fire inside him, pushing him to work hard every day to leave the world a little better than he found it.

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The Issues

From Sulphur Springs to Mesquite, educators, farmers, and retail clerks tell him they don’t see much of their senator, unless it’s election time. They want to know why schools are underfunded and overcrowded, roads and bridges are crumbling, and their taxes keep increasing. As the state’s investment per student goes down, local property taxes go way up. Still, it’s not enough to fill the hole left from education cuts as the student population grows, along with inflation. Our economy and quality of life depend on our people.



Kendall knows that we must ensure our schools and teachers are given the support and resources that they need to succeed. He will never, under any circumstance, support school vouchers, favors increased funding for schools and the Teacher Retirement System, opposes the A-F grading system, and believes we should increase access to high-speed internet.


Too many rural communities in northeast Texas are struggling to keep the younger generation of leaders in their communities due to a lack of good paying jobs. Texas should seek out innovative ways to provide tax relief to local small business owners and embrace the clean energy industries of tomorrow.


It’s time to give the voice back to the people. Kendall supports caps on political contributions, nonpartisan redistricting committees, and online voter registration.

Get Involved

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When I decided to run for the Texas Senate District 2, I decided to make our home-grown values the core of the campaign.

The truth is, we all share so many of the same values that come from being raised on the same Texas soil - values like opportunity and respect for folks that are willing to work hard, love of liberty, and reverence for our country and those who serve it.

I'm running to be your next State Senator because I believe too many politicians down in Austin have lost touch with those values.

Together, we can restore our Texas values.


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We don't have the big-corporate backers, but we have supporters like you who are committed to standing up for our values.

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We deserve better than the failed priorities of the Texas Legislature; it’s time to fight for the honest, responsible, and accountable government that Northeast Texas deserves. Donate to the Kendall Scudder for State Senate campaign today!

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