Scudder vs. Hall: SD 2 Ballot Set for November


March 7, 2018
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Scudder vs. Hall: SD 2 Ballot Set for November

Dallas – After a long primary, we now know we’re running against extremist State Senator Bob Hall. He's shown that he's more interested in serving his oil tycoon buddies who bankroll his campaign than investing in public education, economic development, or improving our infrastructure that is falling apart.

While Scudder may have disagreed with Rep. Burkett on some issues, it was nothing compared to the bombastic, extremist nature by which Bob Hall has spent his time in Austin. Inexplicably, Hall repeatedly voted against measures to improve our communities’ health and safety by voting to slash school breakfasts, against school bus seat belts, and against reducing untested rape kit backlogs. 

If it weren’t for a quality rural Texas public education, Scudder wouldn’t be who he is today. He ran for office because it is outrageous that Hall, a recent transfer from Florida, would defund public schools with vouchers that discriminate against rural kids, students of color and students with special needs and defraud our retired teachers of their healthcare and pensions. 
Texas Senate, District 2, Democratic Nominee Kendall Scudder issued the following statement: 
“The reign of extremists in Austin ends in November. If you are ready to bring moderation back to Austin and reinstate a government that fights for working people over campaign donors, I ask Democrats, Independents and Republicans to support our race to defeat Bob Hall in November.”


Kolby Matthews