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June 29, 2018
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COMMERCE, TX -  Rural Northeast Texas voters packed two rooms at Texas A&M Commerce to talk public education, property taxes, and healthcare with Democratic State Senate, District 2, nominee Kendall Scudder and Lt. Governor nominee Mike Collier.

Questions from the audience drove the discussion. Those questions focused largely on public education, in addition to bipartisanship and diversity at the table when Texas lawmakers are making decisions. 

One voter drove an hour north from Canton. She’s an educator angry about the focus on and costs of standardized tests. Both Scudder and Collier oppose the status quo of overwhelming our school systems and budget. Both candidates want teachers to be allowed to do their jobs without being pressured to teach to a test—one that is costing us hundreds of millions of dollars that repeatedly fails our students.

“Texas is giving so much money to testing companies and the testing companies are, in turn, paying into the campaigns of their supporters,” Scudder said. “For that reason, the issue of standardized testing is tied to that of campaign reform.”

“Standardized testing is awful and we should get rid of it,” Collier said. “Critical thinking skills are going down, and teachers, parents, kids, professors and employers all don’t like it. I spent years working for Exxon. Everyone in management knew how to work an oil drill. In Austin, you have legislators voting on bills that affect education who have never set foot in a classroom.”

Murmurs in the crowd grew as Collier discussed the threat of a credit downgrade to the state after decades of debt exceeding $100 billion (in bonds owned by Wall Street and underfunding retirement, primarily to teachers). 

“It’s a moral threat to our democracy, the way politicians borrow money and conceal it,” Collier said. “They are running out of other people’s money.”

Scudder noted that incumbent Bob Hall is in debt from his narrowly-won Republican Primary, and asked how anyone could be in debt with hundreds of thousand of special interest dollars, with 92% of his campaign funding from outside of SD 2. 

“It’s important to me that our government is fighting for working people, not special interests groups in West Texas,” Scudder said about priorities. “I have been all over this district and it has been eye-opening how neglected our district is by Austin. Bob defunds our schools, pulls money out of infrastructure investments, hospitals become unaccredited, and your taxes go up every year. Why would anyone send him back to Austin?” 

Students of Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honor society, hosted the candidates at the university.  



Scudder and Collier Town Hall
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