Radio Ads-Now Playing 📻

It’s finally here. After 21 months on the campaign trail, Election Day is less than a week away.

As part of our get out the vote program, thanks to your generous donations, we're airing radio ads on the AM and FM dials.

We are spreading the word that Bob Hall is bad for Texas. We need someone working for us and that’s NOT Bob. 94% of his campaign donations come from extremists outside of our district. He does their bidding and is rewarded with hundreds of thousands of dollars and fancy international travel.

He no-shows our university, the Cash Water Utility District, farmers and small business owners and flat out told teachers he won’t invest in our schools and didn’t need their votes.

Help us tell voters about our priorities in this winnable race—public education, economic development, and ethics reform. We've purchased airtime through Friday, November 2.

Please make a donation today to help us go all the way to Election Day!