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Former State Senator
Bob Deuell (R-Greenville)

"What is critical in this election is that all the people of Senate District 2 have strong and effective representation and not ignorant scorecard voting from a legislative puppet with strings attached to West Texas, Austin and Houston as Bob Hall has given us.

Regardless of your party affiliation or your political philosophy, if you care about the important issues to our communities, you will vote for Kendall Scudder for state senator."

Milder/Scudder Endorsement.png

Former Rockwall City Council Member
and Former Candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor
Scott Milder (R-Rockwall)

"Bob Hall is bought and paid for and does not vote his district. In fact, his billionaire backers won’t allow him to cast a vote on the Senate floor until they’ve directed him how to vote. I am a lifelong Republican voter and a traditional conservative Texan, but won’t be voting straight party Republican. Bob Hall is not serving us honorably. Neither is Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. I will be voting for their challengers Kendall Scudder and Mike Collier."




“When voters send someone to Austin, they should get a lawmaker committed to finding solutions. For this reason, we recommend Democrat Kendall Scudder of Dallas for state Senate District 2 over GOP incumbent Bob Hall, who has accomplished little. Scudder is energetic, passionate and, despite being just 28, is well-versed in the challenges facing Texas.”

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Texas alliance
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Texas Freedom Network

Garland Fire Fighters Association


Teamsters Local 745


Texas State Association
of Fire Fighters


United Auto Workers

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Parent Pac

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Texas AFT



Cathy Burleson
Public School Teacher

"I've voted Republican many times, but not this year. Bob Hall actually said he doesn’t need the retired teacher vote and won’t invest in our public schools. I trust Kendall to support public schools and those of us who serve there."

Grace Slayter.jpg

Grace Slayter
TAMU-C Student Government Historian

"Per-semester tuition rates at Texas universities have increased 147% since 2002! That's why I'm investing in my future by voting for Kendall because he knows that the Legislature should invest in the students of Texas again."

John Sands.jpg

John Sands
Former Member, Sulphur River Regional Mobility Authority and Former Mayor of Commerce

“The biggest advantage to increased funding in rural infrastructure is economic development - allowing people a greater variety of places to live, work, and play. I’m supporting Kendall because he’s talking about the things that affect every day rural Texans. It seems like Sen. Hall is just playing at politics.”


Lana Van Vleet
Retired Teacher

"Extremist politicians in Austin are bankrupting retired educators and taking away incentives for the next generation of teachers. I was Kendall's Sulphur Springs High School government teacher and I'm proud that we share the same No. 1 priority—public education."


Laurie Blair
School Counselor | Quinlan ISD

"As I near retirement from public education, I’m terrified that I won’t be able to afford healthcare through TRS. I will likely continue to work well past my “magic number” of 80 (age + years of service)."

Rachel robinson
Mom and educator

"As a mom and an educator, I can honestly say that Kendall has my daughter's educational future in mind. I have the comfort of knowing that he will fight to ensure every classroom is fully equipped, each child will get an equal opportunity at a quality and free education, and that all teachers, administrators and personnel will be adequately compensated and retained to help each and every child succeed."


Bill Jordan
Real Estate Broker, Longhorn Real Estate

"One of the most pressing needs we have in Texas from state government is for our legislature to provide a fair and comprehensive funding plan for public schools. We need to elect Kendall Scudder because his top priority is to work toward passage of a public education funding plan that forces state government to meet their constitutional obligation and not toss that obligation off to the local property taxpayers of our state."

Hon. Cedric W. Davis, Sr.
Former Mayor of Balch Springs

"Extremists in Austin are bankrupting TRS and placing a heavy burden on property owners to pay state debts. Kendall supports our educational institutions and their teachers, and believes in making college education affordable for those who want to earn a degree to better their lives. Kendall is a ‘change agent’ who is smart, energetic, and talking about a plan of action to fix the things that have a negative affect on every day urban and rural Texans."

Judith Matherne
Retired Chaplain, Director of Pastoral Care Services

"Kendall's energy, enthusiasm, intelligence and compassion are sorely needed in the Texas Senate. I believe he is committed to the people of SD2 and that he will represent the district and the people of Texas with dignity. It is time, in my opinion, to elect a person like Kendall Scudder."

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