The Issues

Fighting for Our Children's Futures

School Vouchers
Kendall says it loud and clear at every campaign event—he will never, under any circumstance, support school vouchers. 

Funding for Public Schools
Public schools are the great equalizer. As a product of rural public schools, Kendall knows that we must ensure our schools are adequately funded and our teachers are given the support and resources that they need to succeed in the classroom. 

A-F Grading System
The A-F grading system was designed to undermine the incredible work that our teachers do everyday so that politicians could shove school vouchers down our throats. Measures for success and accountability are important, but teachers and administrators should be in the room when that system is developed. 

Standardized Testing
Standardized tests are overwhelming our public school system and our budget. Kendall will work to reduce the volume of standardized testing and allow teachers to do their jobs without being pressured to teach to a test.

Teacher Retirement System
The legislature always seems to single out teachers. Our teachers work hard, they play by the rules, they do everything that the state asks of them (and more), and then the state fails to hold up their end of the bargain on TRS. Austin is pulling the rug out from under the feet of our teachers because a group of politicians made poor choices. They are taking away any incentive for the next generation of teachers. The state should not treat teachers differently than all other state employees and retired legislators. 

High-Speed Internet
In Kendall’s hometown, residents still have difficulty finding quality, affordable high-speed Internet service. In 2016, 85% of homework required some level of Internet access (not to mention the economic impacts that lack of Internet has on small businesses). Rural communities should not be left behind urban areas in the 21st century.

Fighting for Children with Special Needs

Kendall believes it's critical that every child in Texas has the opportunity to receive a quality education but the State of Texas has failed students with special needs time and time again. Pressure from Austin to cut education funds and reduce enrollment percentages have made it difficult for parents to advocate for their children.

Kendall will fight to provide students with special needs with one-on-one aides and smaller class sizes which allow all students to excel at a formal education.

Our Failing Foster Care System

The Texas foster care system is a dark mark on our state and the Texas Legislature let it happen. In 2016, 202 children died in foster care. The State of Texas sat and allowed children to be physically and sexually abused while in their care because they didn’t feel like it was a program worth funding. Kendall supports following the recommendations of the federal courts to repair our broken system and he will fight to make sure that not one more child is put in harm’s way by Austin politicians.

Early Childhood Education

In the budget passed by the Texas Senate in 2018, pre-school funding was reduced by $118 million. Study after study consistently shows the personal and societal benefits of pre-school and Head Start programs, but Austin never seems to listen. To ensure every child has an opportunity for success in our community, Texas needs to place a higher priority on early childhood education and expand Head Start programs around the state.

Higher Education

At each college campus visit, I listen to students and their families worry about college affordability. Did you know per-semester tuition rates at Texas universities have increased 147% since 2002?! Parents and students can't keep picking up the slack. Our Texas Legislature must invest in education again.

Like many of yours, members of my family swore to support and defend our Constitution against all enemies. We honor our Texas heroes by keeping our promises—protecting Hazelwood, the mandate to provide free college tuition to the children of veterans.

Economic Development

Too many rural communities in Northeast Texas are struggling to keep the younger generation of leaders in their communities due to a lack of good paying jobs. We must do a better job showcasing our district to businesses that offer quality jobs and seek out innovative companies to locate here. In addition, the state legislature should be partnering with local governments to coordinate incentives and spearhead this economic growth.

Tax breaks for small businesses
We’ve allowed our economy to operate on the backs of small business owners for too long. Texas should seek out innovative ways to provide tax relief to local small business owners and stop giving massive handouts to large conglomerates around the state that do not need these incentives to operate.

Clean energy innovation
Texas should continue to embrace and work to expand our clean energy future through wind and solar energies. These are the industries of tomorrow, and Texas cannot sit on the sidelines and fall behind other states that are supporting their scientific/engineering communities in their research toward innovation.

Improving our Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a primary responsibility of state and local government that is often neglected in favor of more flashy topics that politicians use to showboat. Kendall is committed to restoring our crumbling infrastructure, protecting water rights for our communities, and strategic future-focused planning to meet our transportation needs.

Ethics Reform

Caps on Political Contributions
While the federal government maintains a cap on political contributions, Texas still allows unlimited contributions to political campaigns. We should cap contributions, limiting money’s influence in our state politics and give that voice back to citizens.

Create Nonpartisan Redistricting Committees
Our current system of drawing political districts after each census is outdated and worrisome. Politicians should not be choosing their voters; voters should be choosing their representatives! The best way to strengthen citizen representation and allow the voice of voters to be heard is to establish non-partisan redistricting committees to take political self-interest out of drawing districts.

Online Voter Registration
In 2018, it’s just silly to think that a citizen can’t register to vote online. Texas needs to follow the example of 38 other states that have stepped into the 21st century and allow for online voter registration of its citizens to encourage participation in the most fundamental of civic duties.

Military and Veterans

Kendall’s love for his country has been the motivation for his involvement in politics from very young age – he wants to help make a difference in his community, and in Texas.

Kendall grew up experiencing service to country being exemplified by three of his grandfathers and an uncle who all served in the military.  They were just one more example of those that showed Kendall the importance of volunteering and giving back to your country.

Addressing Veterans' Healthcare Needs

Improving upon the medical assistance that veterans and their families deserve is a cause near and dear to Kendall's heart. This includes preventative services, substance abuse counseling, and mental health services to our heroes returning from overseas.

Making Government Work For You

Politicians in Austin have a habit of overturning local control and imposing their agenda with statewide blanket bills. Kendall believes that local governments know their communities best and will fight to stop Austin bureaucrats from overturning local ordinances that were voted on by the people or local representatives.

Supporting our First Responders

As a kid, Kendall saw the sacrifices of our community’s first responders firsthand. While driving an ambulance with a patient in the back, Kendall’s stepmother was hit by a drunk driver and broke both of her legs. Stories like this are, unfortunately, too common. Our police, firemen, and emergency medical technicians can experience traumatic events every day that most average citizens don’t experience in a lifetime. Kendall supports the collective bargaining rights of all working people in our district, including our first responders, and will work to implement medical and emotional support services for our local heroes.

Stop Predatory Lending

Kendall opposes predatory lending that preys on disadvantaged Texans. He feels that all Texans should have equal access to fair and transparent financial services.

A Healthy Texas for All

Texas has consistently been ranked one of the worst states in the country when it comes to healthcare access. We should be working with healthcare providers, insurance companies, and the federal government to ensure that every Texan has access to quality, affordable healthcare. When Texas refused the Medicaid expansion, we left billions of dollars on the table that would go a long way towards providing health insurance to the poorest of Texans, bringing all of our state hospitals up to code, and investing in preventative/mental healthcare in our state.